Wide Area Rondo


Here is a great functional 8V8 position specific activity to goal with an emphasis on attacking out of wide areas. Adjust the system of play to fit your teams style of play and personnel. Challenge your players by increasing the difficulty of the wide area rondo. Breakdown a compact opponent by finding ways to combine to get in behind with the #9, #10, and overlapping outside backs, #2 and #3.

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8V8 to goal with three counter goals for the defending team in yellow. Red team’s attack is always initiated in a wide area and is attacking the main goal. Yellow can operate out of a 1-4-3 formation or a 1-4-2-1 and the Red team is playing in a 3-2-3 formation.


Coach plays an entry ball into either the #2 or #4, the two yellow players can press once they have touched the ball. Red players must connect four passes before they are allowed to play out of the 5V2 rondo and go to goal. Once the ball leaves the rondo, no restrictions apply to player movement. If the yellow team wins the ball they can attack any of the three counter goals. After a designated amount of repetitions or desired results, pattern the other other wide area of the field.

Coaching Points:

Look to create support and find passing lanes for the players in possession during the rondo. Look to switch the point of attack once four passes have been completed. If the ball ends up with the #7, can he/she combine with the #10, #9, or #2 to create an opportunity to get in behind the defending yellow team. Progressions could include: Add a #3 left back to the other side, allow the yellow defensive midfielder to join the rondo making it a 5V3, allow the yellow left back to join the rondo if the ball is played to the red #7.