2V1 / 2V2 to Goal


Do you use the goal as a reference point when teaching your players how to defend? Are your forwards useful when working with their back to goal? How do we truly mimic the speed of play required during the match? Whether you are working with a small group for the day or only 8-10 players show up for training, 2V1/2V2 to Goal is a competitive activity that gives your attackers and defenders plenty of game related repetitions.

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2V1/2V2 to Goal


2V1/2V2 to goal with recovery defender. Set up as shown, divide your team into attacking and defending players.

2V1/2V2 to Goal | SoccerSpecific.com
2V1/2V2 to Goal


2V1: The two attacking green players pass the ball back and forth, on the third or fourth pass one of them can join the attack. They can attack by either dribbling into space or combining with the center forward making it a 2V1 to goal. Progression to 2V2: Once the third or fourth pass occurs, the defender highlighted in yellow can recover and defend making it a 2V2 to goal.

Coaching Points:

Speed of play and speed of thought to goal. Can the primary defender step in front of the center forward and win the entry ball or should he remain goal side? Can the primary defender win a through ball and/or step to the ball penetrating on the dribble and within shooting distance? Focus on the efficiency of the recovery runner and his recognition of who is most dangerous.