Three Team Rondo


Three team rondo is a great transition activity for the younger ages 8-12, or simply use it as a warm up for the older ages, or perhaps the day before a match. Keep the action continuous, create a fun but competitive atmosphere for your players.

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17 players, three teams of 5 plus two neutral players. Three 5X10 grids set up next to each other as shown.

Three Team Rondo |


The white team possesses the ball for five passes against two red defenders. The white team’s objective is to transfer possession to the green team at the opposite end. If successful, the green team does the same against two different red defenders. If the red team win possession from the whites or intercept in the middle zone, they take the place of the white team on the outside and whites move to the middle as defenders. Shown above, the white team have utilized the two yellow neutral players to transfer the ball across, they can also play the ball directly to the green team.

Coaching Points:

Keep an eye on the two neutral players in the middle zone and make sure they are working on different planes and providing depth for each other. Movement off the ball, look for passing lanes and pockets of space between defenders. Receive the ball on the half turn to play through quickly. Progressions include: Allow more defenders, allow neutral players to drop in to help maintain possession and dribble across line into middle zone.