1V1 Competitive Finishing


Want to improve your players composure under pressure when finishing in and around the penalty box? Want your players to develop a relentless mentality taking defenders on in front of the goal? Want to give your GKs plenty of repetitions with reaction saves? This high intensity and competitive 1V1 finishing activity will have your players buzzing!

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1V1 Competitive Finishing


Set up as shown with 4 mannequins, two goals, 10 field players, 2 GKs, and plenty of balls. Please note the mannequins purpose are to screen the balls location from the player in the middle as well as encourage the perimeter players to move/show laterally on one side or the other. A number is assigned to each of the players. Width of the 6 yard box and top of the penalty area.

1V1 Competitive Finishing | SoccerSpecific.com


Warm-up: The red and yellow players highlighted in the middle of the playing area work independently and receive balls from their red and yellow teammates on the perimeter and strike balls in and around the GKs hands. Rotate through all five players 1 minute each. Progression 1: Red and yellow players battle 1v1, receive an entry ball from the coach combine with one of their teammates on the perimeter and finish on goal. Rotate through all five players 1 minute each, keep track of the score. Progression 2: The coach can either play an entry ball or shout out a number 1-4 and receive the ball from that player, both players must react and attack/defend accordingly. Rotate through all five players 1 minute each. Progression 3: Outside players can finish on goal. Variation could include creating a 2V2 in the middle and open up the playing area.

Coaching Points:

Accurate finishing in a and around the box. Shaping the body to receive the ball so they are always facing one of the two goals. Develop overall awareness, composure, and killer instinct in and around the GKs. Shoot at unexpected times, utilize feints and quick release shooting technique. Sharp and quick movements off the ball.