Fast Attack 8V8+2


Try this functional version of an 8V8+2 counter attacking activity. Designated for high intensity, the coach will be able to dictate the amount and frequency of repetitions in order to reach the desired load for the day. Adjust the personnel or size to make it your own!

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Fast attack transition from defense to offense. 8V8+2 set up as shown.


Red team starts with the ball and tries to score a goal on either mini goal. Yellow team defends and tries to win the ball to initiate a fast attack to the big goal. After yellow wins the ball they try to find the #9 as quickly as possible to start a counter. All players may defend in the attacking zone. Yellow team tries to score within 6-8 seconds. Top of 18 yd box is offside line for #9. Ball starts with coach.

Coaching Points:

Hard runs to exploit spaces with at least two runners, early pass into space, support ball carrier in case possession is lost.