Moving Rondos


Here is a challenging but fun version of possession to try with your team. The objective is to possess the ball in all six grids without losing possession. Have some fun with your players and see how well they do!

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Six 8X8 or 10X10 grids are set up next to each other as shown. Rondos can be either 4V1 or 5V2 depending on your numbers for the training.



Players play a 4V1 in 8X8 square with five other 8X8 squares set up around them as shown. In another square, there is another 4V1 game. The four attackers look to play 5 passes without losing possession to the defender in the middle. When five passes have been completed, all the players move to another square whilst maintaining possession. Obviously they cannot go in the same square as the other group and cannot go back to a square they just left. When the defender wins possession, he changes places with the attacker that lost possession. They goal is to successfully possess the ball in all six grids.

Coaching Points:

Overall game awareness (knowing where the other group is playing), speed of play, speed of thought, movement off the ball, maintaining composure when traveling grids. Variations could include making the playing area bigger or smaller, adding extra defenders or attackers, and touch restrictions. Lastly, you can go with a set time with the defender.