Boxing Game

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Boxing for height, distance, and accuracy

Goalkeeper starts in goal.  Place servers A and B anywhere on the side of the penalty box, with a group of balls.  Set up two zones around the perimeter of the 18 yard box.  The first zone (1 point) is roughly five yards outside the box, and the second zone (3 points), is from the first zone to the sidelines.  On the top of the penalty box, the 3 point zone is anything beyond the first zone.

Server’s A and B strike crosses into the box, alternating sides.  The goalkeeper must decide to catch or box the cross as far away from the goal as possible.  If the goalkeeper can box the ball in air into either zone 1 or 3, he/she will receive that many points.  The goalkeeper can compete head to head with another goalkeeper.  The goalkeeper earns as many points as they can after 5 services from each side.  Switch goalkeepers.


  1. Add a group of defenders and attackers.
  2. Increase the amount of services per game.

Coaching Points:

  • If the goalkeeper is in the front part of the goal, punch the ball where it came from.
  • If the ball travels beyond the middle of the goal, he/she must keep the ball going in that direction.
  • Don’t take a big swing at the ball, punch through the ball.
  • Arms should be spring loaded.

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