Cutbacks and Close Range Saves


Pre-season is over and now you are getting in the groove. Want to keep things fresh and competitive for your GKs? Are you still trying to decide who gives you the edge as your starter? Get them competing with each other in training! Coach Jeremy Proud‘s 3-minute video of Cutbacks and Close Range Saves shows us how to paint the picture! Enjoy!

Cutbacks and Close Range Saves


A. 4 GK’s split into 2 teams.
B. 1 GK protecting big goal. 1 GK protecting mannequin goal.
C. 4 Attacking players.

Cutbacks and Close Range Saves |
Cutbacks and Close Range Saves |


1. S1 and GK exchange Pass. 2nd rep S1/GK2 pass.

2. S1 passes to S2 Cutback situation
3. S1 direct action to big or small goal
4. S1 passes to top of box for Shot or 1v1/pass to opposite attacker.
4 Reps per set. Each GK takes 2 reps in big goal/2 Reps in Mannequin goal, then become attackers.

Coaching Points:

  • Ball speed from attackers.
  • GK positioning as ball moves.
  • Recognition of when to close down attacker vs angle & set for shot.
  • Whatever it takes to keep the ball out of the goal.