Exchange Game


Shot stopping, angle play

Place two goals 36 yards apart.  Put a goalkeeper in each goal.  Divide your players in half and put them on the side of the two goals.  Place plenty of extra balls next to the goals.

The first player in each line dribbles towards the goal.  Just before the attackers reach the midway point, they lay the ball off for the other player.  The shot must be taken first time and on target.  After the shot has been taken, the players go to the back of the goal they just shot on.  On the coach’s shout, the next two players repeat the same sequence.


  1. Switch the sides of the dribblers.
  2. The attackers must flick it up for the other shooter to strike.

Coaching Points:

  • Stay with the angle, if the ball travels to a wider angle; make sure the goalkeeper keeps moving laterally to close down the angle.
  • Get set for the shot.
  • No rebounds!