GK Youth Scene – Training Explosive Lateral Movement


Lateral Knee Punch & Get Set

The fundamentals shown in these videos are the foundation to shot stopping.

In the following four video clips you will see an excellent display of controlled lateral movement into a proper GK stance and “set position”. The starting body position should be the same as the ending body position with an explosive lateral movement and multiple change of direction in between. Technical details include: head forward, shoulders forward, hands forward, shoulders square to the server, weight is on the balls of his feet, body weight is centered, feet are shoulder width a part and upon landing his feet are on the same plane and not staggered. Notice how he drives his knee across his body to his opposite shoulder and his body follows into a proper “set position”.

Front View Handling

Front View Lateral Knee Punch Single Change of Direction

Side View Handling

Side View Lateral Knee Punch Double Change of Direction