Goalkeeper Wars


Shot stopping, distribution

Place two regulation size goals, facing each other, 18 yards apart.  Lay down a cone line down the middle of the two goals.  The playing area should be the size of the penalty box (18×44 yards).  A goalkeeper is in each goal with a supply of balls just inside the goal mouth.

The goalkeepers must try to score on the opponent by a throw, volley, half-volley, or from the ground.  The goalkeepers cannot cross the half way line to retrieve a rebound but may recover a rebound on their own side.  If an attempt is held, he/she must distribute from the spot the save was made.  If the attempt goes in the net or over the net, the goalkeeper has three steps from his/her goal line to distribute.  The first goalkeeper to five wins the game.


  1. Add two goalkeepers and play 2v2.  First team to three points wins.
  2. Must throw with the weaker arm and kick with the weaker leg.

Coaching Points:

  • React, don’t try and anticipate.
  • Accurate distribution, don’t try and kill the ball.