Know The 6 Yard Box


Learn your area and surrounding box

Use the dimensions of the 6 yard box.
Place a cone (5 total) at each corner of the 6 yard box as well as in the middle.
Coach and a set of balls at the top of the box ready for shooting.

Goalkeeper must start at the middle cone and make his way around each of the four cones and end at the middle cone.  Goalkeeper must keep his shoulders square to the playing field at all times.  His/her head should be up to watch the field of play instead of the ground.  Once he/she reaches the middle cone, get set for the shot from the shooter.

Coaching Points:

  • Keep shoulders square and watch the shooter at all times.
  • Quite your feet when shooter winds his/her leg up.
  • React to the shot, don’t anticipate.

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