Shooter Becomes The Goalkeeper


Angle play, explosiveness, decision making

Place two goals, 36 yards apart (two penalty boxes facing each other).
Place a group of goalkeepers at the midway line, on the side of the two penalty boxes, with a group of balls.
Place the group of goalkeepers next to the post with a group of balls.
Place a goalkeeper in each goal.

Both line work simultaneously and dribble a 1v1 breakaway to goal.  The goalkeeper must make the save, and the shooter must score.  Once the play is over, the shooter becomes the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper joins the end of the line.  The exercise always works in a clockwise rotation.  After plenty of repetitions, switch the balls and players to the other side of the penalty box, and the other side of the posts.


  1. The shooter must take one touch, half way to the goalkeeper, to make it a 50-50 ball.
  2. If the shooter dribbles the ball over the goal line, it is worth two points.

Coaching Points:

  • Watch the ball, and not the shot fakes or the shooters.
  • Cot down the shooter´s angle.
  • Give a loud “keeper” call.