Wall Pass Breakaways To Goal


Finishing, dribbling, passing, breakaways

Set up a 55×70 yard field with a regulation size goal at each end.  Divide your team into two different colored teams.  Every player has a ball and the coach stands anywhere in the middle of the field.

The players dribble around the field and soon as they make eye contact with the coach, they play the ball in, get it back and go to goal.  The coach must dictate the players run and lead him/her to goal.  Everything is done at game speed.  Every few seconds a player should be shooting on goal.  The team with the most goals wins the game.


  1. The player must chip or drive the ball into the coach’s hands.
  2. The attacker has three seconds to score.

Coaching Points:

  • Identify the shooter early.
  • As the forward enters the box, start cutting down the angle.