50 Pass Challenge!


Take the 50 Pass Challenge! See if your players can connect 50 passes in a row in this 11V5 possession activity. 5V5+2 with four neutral bumpers on the outside. Increase the level of difficulty with three different variations: unlimited, two touch, and one touch.

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11V5 Possession inside a 25X25 playing area. 5V5+2 with 4 neutral bumpers on the outside.

50 Pass Challenge!


The objective is to connect 50 consecutive passes without the defending team touching the ball. If the ball goes out of bounds a new one is played to the other team. Variations include unlimited touches, two touch and one touch.

Coaching Points:

  • Speed of play
  • Movement off the ball
  • Playing the way you face
  • Quality and weight of the pass
  • Communication
  • Overall field awareness