7v7 Plus 3 Possession


If you prefer to play out of a 4-3-3 formation and you want your focus to be on the three central midfielders, then try this 7V7+3 possession activity. This simple activity forces your three central midfielders to think and react during transitional moments. Is their spacing realistic? Is there always cover in front of the back four transitioning from offense to defense? Is their speed of play realistic? Try this activity with your team and find out.

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7V7+3 functional, position specific possession, 44X45 (top of the penalty box to half field, the width of the penalty area) 17-24 field players.



Teams are in a 4-3-3 formation, 2 or 3 teams based on your numbers for training, 4 games, 2 minutes each. 12 minutes.

Coaching Points:

The main focus is the transitional movements/shape of your three central midfielders. Making sure one of the three midfielders takes the starting position of a holding midfielder. Team shape, small group tactics building up through lines especially utilizing the midfield, spreading out while in possession, staying compact while defending, speed of play, establishing a rhythm, all defensive and attacking principles.